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Learn calligraphy with me


You’ve probably been trawling through Instagram obsessively watching calligraphy videos, or perhaps you’ve attempted to use some beautiful pens and it’s ended in a bit of a mess. I totally get you. I was like that when I first started, and I felt like I would NEVER get better!

That’s why I’ve created Better Brush Drills and Better Brush Letters… just for you.


Better Brush Drills

This is a FREE 7 day challenge. I host this challenge twice a year, so you can learn as part of a community. Better Brush Drills happened from 1st – 7th August. Check out some of my favourite posts from the challenge below. The next challenge week will happen next year, but If you’re too impatient to wait that long, you can still join in with the challenge in your own time. Just sign up to the Blink Newsletter and you will gain access to the Better Brush Drills Hub. Here you will find lots of helpful videos and guide sheets that you can download for FREE! You will also get 20% off the Better Brush Letters workbook when you sign up!

Better Brush Letters

This is the next stage to learning brush pen calligraphy. If you haven’t already take part in my Better Brush Drills challenge, then I suggest you check out that first. If you are ready to drive into the world of letters though, this workbook is for you. It comes jam pack with lots of useful information, and 30 pages of calligraphy letters and words that help you take you to the next level. You are welcome to do the Better Brush Letters workbook in your own time, however I believe it’s way more fun learning with a community of people. Therefore Better Brush Letters will run from 1st September – 30th September, find out more info below.


Tell me more Better Brush Letters


Better Brush Letters is a 30 day challenge taking you through the lowercase alphabet using a brush pen. It’s absolutely PERFECT for complete beginners, or even if you’re just feeling a little rusty with your calligraphy letters.

The workbook is available in my Etsy shop and covers all the basics for learning brush pen calligraphy. You’ll even get the link and password to the secret Better Brush Drills Hub. The 30 day challenge will run throughout September, so you can learn along side other aspiring calligraphers. You’ll be able to share your progress using the #betterbrushletters and I’ll be sharing your posts in my Instagram stories.

You will also gain access to the Better Brush Letters Facebook group, a wonderful community where you can share your progress and chat to other people who will be learning along side you. If you prefer to go through the workbook in your own time, that’s totally cool too!

Don’t forget to sign up to the Blink Newsletter to get 20% off your Better Brush Letters workbook.


What you’ll get:

Better Brush Letters Welcome Pack PDF

  • Welcome

  • Calligraphy information

  • Guide sheet instructions

  • List of pens and paper for calligraphy

31 page Better Brush Letters Challenge Pack PDF

  • 2 pages of drills

  • 26 pages of lower case letters, that includes drill practice and connecting words

  • 1 page of the full alphabet

  • 1 page of words

  • 1 page with a blank guides for extra practicing!

Access to Better Brush Drills Hub

  • Lots of helpful videos that will help you through your calligraphy journey.

  • Download guide sheets for Better Brush Drills, a 7 day challenge that takes you through the basic drills for calligraphy.

Join the community

  • Become part of a secret Facebook group where you can share your progress and learn with other people.

  • Share your progress on Instagram using #betterbrushletters and tagging me @blinklettering.



So how do drills help me learn calligraphy?

I’ll let you in on a little secret… all that beautiful calligraphy you have been obsessively watching is smoke and mirrors. Yes, it looks like each letter connects seamlessly and beautifully, but the trick to it is some very basic strokes and the pressure you are using on your pen. In fact most lowercase letters can be created using only 8 basic strokes (or drills). So if you master these, when it comes to tackling those pesky letters, you’ll find it a breeze! That’s where this mini course comes in. Better Brush Drills will focus on these main basic strokes, plus a few extra cheeky ones.

There are a bajillion pens out there, how do I know what to buy?

Both my challenges focus on brush pens. Those are the ones with flexible nibs, so you can create thick and thin strokes. The guide sheets in Better Brush Drills an Better Brush Letters are designed to be used with smaller brush pens. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably heard me banging on about the Pentel Fude Touch Sign Brush Pen, and that’s because they are so FREAKING awesome for beginners and the more experienced a like. The smaller nibs make it feel very similar to a normal pen, and the nibs are super durable, so great for those of you who are heavy handed. Other pens that would work well for this are the Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens and the Pilot Fude-Makase Brush Pen.

What about bigger pens, can I use them?

The guide sheets are designed for the small nib. I am a massive believer that a small nib is much easier to learn and control when learning the basic drills, this is a tried and tested method in my in-person workshops, and I have seen massive improvements in my students when they have moved from a large pen to a smaller pen. HOWEVER, everyone is most definitely different and unique, which is what makes us interesting eh? So if you are die hard fan of the Tombow Dual Brush Pen, or you have a set of Ecoline Brush Pens that you are itching to play with, then you will still be able to follow along with Better Brush Drills. You can download the guide sheets onto your computer for reference and then practice the drills on some separate paper.

I heard paper is a big deal...

Oh yes! Paper is super important too. If you plan to print out your guide sheets and letter on they directly, then I suggest HP Premium (UK version or US version). This paper is suuuuuuuuuper smooth, so it won’t fray your pens or make the ink bleed. However, there are other options if you aren’t quite ready to splash out on some fancy paper. You could just print onto standard copy paper, and then lay tracing paper on top. Pretty much all tracing paper is lovely and smooth, plus the bonus with using it, is you don’t need to keep printing out your guide sheets when you want to practice again! If you are now thinking… hmmmm I don’t have a printer at home! I’ve got an option for your too, in the form of a Rhodia Dot Pad. These bad boys are GREAT for beginners. There are light dots that create a grid, meaning you have guides to make sure your strokes don’t go a bit wonky. Then all you need to do is download the guide sheets to your computer or phone and have them next to you as a guide. Hooray!

How do I join the Facebook group?

You can join the Better Brush Drills Facebook group here. You will be asked for the name and email you used to sign up to Better Brush Drills or Better Brush Letters. Only people who have signed up to at least one of these challenges will be able to join this community.